Pay Per Click Management Services (PPC)

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Problems with the Current Pay Per Click Management Industry

PPC management companies need to start making a change. There is a very small relationship between the amount of spending on a campaign and the amount of work needed to run the most efficient and ROI-producing search campaign. But if this is widely known, then why on earth are all of the companies charging this way? Paid search (PPC) adopted this business model from the traditional ad agency. Why would we adopt the business model that started 70 years ago? It makes no sense at all.

The eVisibility difference

eVisibility has taken a bold step to start the migration of how companies pay for PPC Search Engine Management. We are now offering flat rate and hourly pricing on all campaigns. Why is this better?

The answers are below:

1. Know that we will only spend dollars that make you money, not us
2. We will shave all the fat from your account instantly instead of keeping it there to get paid
3. When we suggest you spend more, it’s not for our benefit
4. Rest easy knowing that everything that can be done is being done despite budget size
5. We don’t drop your account into an automated software and forget about it
6. We are all certified in Google, Yahoo and MSN
7. We are available for regular communication
8. Our core competency is Paid Search
9. We are transparent
10. We are consultants, not employees (proactive VS reactive)

eVisibility is not a "set it and forget it" Internet Marketing Agency. We are not a volume-driven powerhouse of mediocre results and sub-par service. We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Pay Per Click Professionals. We don't just send you an automated report without an explanation; we work with you to make incremental increases in ROI every month.