Online Media Buying

online media planning

As an online media buying agency, eVisibility's online media services offer a start-to-finish approach to buying online ad space. There is no need for negotiating or coming up with different strategies and prices. For a pre-negotiated flat fee (per click, impression or lead), eVisibility will perform the following for you:

  • Strategy
    eVisibility will research your goals, find perfect pin-point targeted demographics online, negotiate the individual campaigns and implement them.

  • Creation
    eVisibility’s design team will use its 12 years of usability knowledge to build banners specific to the campaign and build a perfectly matching landing page for each one.

  • Tracking
    eVisibility will set up and install Google Analytics to track every part of the campaign, including traffic and conversions on the sites.

  • Refinement
    On a bi-weekly basis, the eVisibility analytics team will look through all of the campaigns to be sure they are working at optimal levels. If there are parts of the campaigns that are not working, we will edit or delete them and shift the spending to a higher-performing avenue.

It is a truly hands off, confusion-free way of purchasing advertising online.

Online Contest Marketing

eVisibility's contest management carefully crafts contests to suit your target audience, ensuring your online contest is easy to navigate, engaging and entertaining.

Behavioral Retargeting

What is behavioral retargeting? What can it do for your marketing efforts? Find out how we can help with your behavior-based marketing!

Pricing Model

eVisibility feels that simply adding a management fee to your budget gives a company little incentive to perform. eVisibility has created Media Flat Fee, where we agree to a pre-negotiated fee (per click, impression or lead) and that is all you pay, for the life of the campaign. This way, if we fail to perform on what we say we will, it is our loss – not yours.