Tweetiquette - Are you Behaving Yourself?

There are a lot of new developments in the Twittersphere; so much in fact, that people are being sucked into any and all tools that will help to make them ”powerTwitters.” But what they are finding instead is that they are falling short of a successful Twitter account. The success of Twitter branding is not in gaining the most followers, following thousands of people, or in getting a following and then spamming them with outrageous and non genuine tweets.

There is no doubt that Twitter has become the center of the social media world. In becoming more mainstream, many have found that it can be a powerful tool in helping users to build and develop their own personal brand. Whether or not the account is set up for a business, a person, or a brand, there is a basic etiquette that should be followed to ensure an effective Twitter.

Here are some basics that will help you to develop and to maintain a healthy and successful Twitter account:

  1. Create a Bio. In order to be successful in conversation, you have to gain the trust of those who are following you. Having a bio on your profile (a simple 160 blurb about yourself or your brand) will increase the likelihood of gaining followers, and it makes you approachable as a person. Therefore, it helps your credibility to include a picture, to be direct, to state your position, and to provide a link back to your original site. DON’T: create so many blank accounts without a bio that you never touch. Not only will it hurt the brand you are trying to develop, but it will never get off the ground and typically results in the Fail Whale or the even more feared, Foul Owl:

    twitter owl

  2. Followers. Once you have a profile, start following people. There are many tools that will help you to find people beneficial to you. As you find people to follow, look through their followers for other interesting people. Using allows you to search tweets via keywords.
  3. Engage in discussion. As people follow you, start following back. Begin conversations and stay consistent. Make sure that you are not adding too many followers without following any tweeters back. As you gain followers, reach out to them to reassure them that you are a real person, not:

  4. Ratios. You should be adding followers at about an even pace as people start to follow you. In addition to that, you should be tweeting your own content at the same ratio that you are tweeting to others. It is important that you are not only preaching to your followers, but also talking to them.
  5. Retweet. Retweeting other people’s tweets is an effective way to create buzz, to gain followers, and (if it is originally your tweet) to gain more traffic back to the original content. In essence, a retweet is another way to linkshare. (Example: RT @evisibility check out our latest blog post…) The more people that retweet it, the more links you are sharing to more people; thus, helping the viral nature of the content.

In the end, to be successful on Twitter you have to participate. The more realistic you can make your profile and your discussions, the better your chances are of gaining not only more followers, but followers that will stand by your word and will help to bring you more business.

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3 Responses

  1. Ricardo Figueiredo Says:

    I think the best advice from Erin’s post is in the last paragraph.

    There are so many business and individuals and have accounts and are in the business of following as many people as they can, but never post anything interesting enough.

    They don’t get Twitter.

    Great post Erin :)

    I’ve submitted it to Sphinn, so go Sphinn it! :)))

  2. Jeannie Says:

    Thanks for this. I just started on Twitter and the one thing I get annoyed with is when people post 5-6 tweets in a row. I feel totally spammed.

  3. Ricardo Figueiredo Says:

    @Jeannie Yes, I’m with you there Jeannie.

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