“The Lighter Side of eVisibility” - MSN Bids to Buyout Yahoo, Yahoo Rejects the Offer

Most people think that eVisibility is just another well-oiled machine, helping clients with search engine marketing and making top San Diego lists. But we’re not. We’re people too. Just like you, we have a soft side and a warm heart; and to prove that, we welcome you to The Lighter Side of eVisibility. Please forgive us if we’re a little shy about this, but it’s a new thing. We don’t usually wear our emotions out on our sleeves like this; but this is how we have to do things in order to get our message out.

Along the way, you will be seeing various cartoons depicting a humorous view of our industry, in addition to the cheerful thank yous and friendly messages sent out in our Lighter Side of eVisibility section of our blog. The idea is to always remind everyone that we care (oh, and that successful marketing requires consistency).

We plan to add to this collection often, so stick by and watch as the many holidays and events unfold in The Lighter Side of eVisibility. Oh , and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via RSS or email to catch all of the humor!

MSN Bids to Buyout Yahoo - Yahoo Rejects the Offer

Msn Bids to Buyout Yahoo - Yahoo Rejects the offer

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9:04 am The Lighter Side of eVisibility

6 Responses

  1. Ricardo Figueiredo Says:

    Great Image guys! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Miguel Salcido Says:

    Awesome work Tyler! This cartoon pretty much sums it all up.

  3. Jervin Says:

    How creative you are!

  4. bogdan Says:

    hehe, good to see that some people still enjoy the ride …

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    [...] created an amusing comic depicting Yahoo!’s refusal to accept the Microsoft deal. Pretty clever, [...]

  6. RedAlkemi Blogsphere » Blog Archive » Lighter side of Internet: time for some fun stuff Says:

    [...] No.2 spot goes to this cool comic representation of Yahoo rejecting MSN’s rescue offer. I know it has been quite a while now but I still found it [...]

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