Say Hello To The New Google Bot Logo

Google Blogoscoped wants his readers to try to redesign the iconic Google logo. When we saw their blog post we knew right away we wanted to throw our hat into the ring.

So, we shot Tyler Jordan, our former Art Director, the information for the contest. His eyes lit up when he saw an opportunity to show off his skills and provide a little friendly competition.

I give you the new Google Bot Logo:

Google Bot Logo
(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, Tyler is very talented and passionate about his work for eVisibility - Internet Marketing Company.

We also wanted to let our loyal readership and new readers know about our new “The Lighter Side of eVisibility” art campaign. “The Lighter Side of eVisibility” will feature Tyler’s cartoon art and will explore different aspects of our industry through creative and humorous illustrations.

To make sure you receive “The Lighter Side of eVisibility” subscribe to our blog via RSS or email!

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8:20 am The Lighter Side of eVisibility

61 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s got purdy red eyes!

  2. Mike Says:

    Nice! Good luck

  3. Lifedancer Says:

    Awesome work. Congratulations on such great art work.

  4. mark Says:

    Looks amazing! Good work.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    prepare to be terminated!

  6. limak Says:

    great work!

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  8. bogdan Says:

    looks scary … don’t want that on my web pages.

    hehe … nice work, congrats.

  9. gobuick Says:

    funny how you guys us google-antalytics on your site, which is probably one of the more sneaky ways the track us.

  10. eVisibility Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and acceptance of our rendition of the Googlebot. I want to let everyone know that eVisibility does not see Google as evil in any way. It seems that after going viral in many social bookmarking sites that this idea may have been misconstrued. So we just wanted to clarify.

    Again, thanks to all who have supported us and register with our blog to receive all the latest news and updates. We are launching our Lighter Side of eVisibility series this coming Tuesday, and you will not be disappointed!

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  13. markus941 Says:

    THIS is what Googlebot looks like:

    But maybe they upgraded ;)

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  15. spostareduro Says:

    What an awesome job! Me like.

  16. Vinny Says:

    Holy F*ck - Nice Job!

    Its got a whole T-888 feel to it.

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  18. /pd Says:

    Con’grats you won the competition !! :)-
    That Bot really looks one bad mean Ass- reminds of me terminator.

  19. aneeskA Says:

    congratulations !!! you won !!!

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  21. Geld Says:

    Really nice, I wished I had someone who had the talents of Tyler :)

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  23. Max Worton Says:

    Totally awesome logo…not sure if its good for the Google brand image though

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  26. Ronny Says:

    WOW, great pic ;) I love this Google Bot…

  27. xavierv Says:

    Really nice work. I’m blown away! Too bad you’re not a 12-grade student to apply for the Doodle competition!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    that thing is awesome. Be careful, someone is going to steal Tyler away and pay him millions

  29. charles Says:

    You have given the logo the one & only possible name–Bot the Monster–like Google{ a eat every thing}in Internet reach Giant BUG!!It will end some day in the not so off future!!There will always be some bigger bug out there-ready to gobble you up!!YUM_YUM

  30. anglictina Says:

    Really interesting work

  31. Pasha Says:

    Nice spider…

    I got the poison though:

    User-agent: Googlebot

  32. Anivox Says:

    Very nice design , i like this logo for Google bots

  33. Nix Says:

    \m/ I luv this heheh it’s freaking good }:-)

  34. Jaan Kanellis Says:

    Cool logo!

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  36. Says:

    thanks 4 the logo I added it :

  37. Anonymous Says:

    looks like a robot spider crab

  38. Lening Says:

    Nice theme logo for google for independance day……..

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  42. Nice Girl 55 Says:


  43. kudrah Says:

    Am impressed

  44. Rob Says:


  45. Doorlopend Krediet Says:

    That looks like a creepy crawler/spider to me :x

  46. july moon Says:

    nice I like it.

  47. Andy Says:

    Let ‘er rip!

  48. Boleh Promo Says:

    It’s got purdy red eyes!

  49. Tech Nukem Says:

    hmmmmmmm. Good one. looks awesome

  50. myu Says:

    yeah its not bad !!!!!

  51. enterflo Says:

    Nice logo, looks Amazing

  52. serie Says:

    great work

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  55. Overbruggingshypotheek Says:

    Wow, i love the picture! Awesome job!

  56. ArticleHubber Says:

    The picture is good, but there must be hundreds of thousands of bots google using. I dont think google bot crawls sites one by one. The crawling must be like a spider net. Thousands of bots or bot threads crawling all corners of internet.

  57. fast indexing Says:

    Really nice picture! ;)

  58. Mellaly Says:

    Hallo new google Logo :D

  59. Daniel Says:

    That is an excellent logo, almost scares you!! looks like the seed of terminator

  60. cihip Says:

    Google Bot Logo thanx.

  61. hanipah2001 Says:

    nice logo…. goodluck

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