Robots.txt Protecting Since 1994

For our next installment of “The Lighter Side of eVisibility” we have decided to honor our old and trusty friend the robots.txt file that has been around since 1994. Some people over look the use and power of the robots.txt file, but here at eVisibility we don’t. In fact, we hold the robots.txt in a very high regards and wish we could use it in real life!

Robots.txt Protecting Since 1994


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FYI, this cartoon was the inspiration for our funny robots.txt t-shirts, which are now available to purchase online.

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8:53 am The Lighter Side of eVisibility

17 Responses

  1. ian Says:

    User Agent: Ian
    Allow: T-Shirt

  2. Ricardo Figueiredo Says:

    hahahaha! Love it!! Here’s what I’d like:

    User-Agent: Taxes
    Disallow: /

  3. admin Says:

    Ian, your shirt will arrive soon. Sorry for the delay. We just ordered a new batch. I will add your bot to our robots file. ;-)
    How about a sphinn?

  4. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    The mullet is a nice touch. :)

  5. Mike Says:

    User-Agent: Disallow jokes in the future
    Disallow: /

  6. Fumi Says:

    User-Agent: Fumi
    Allow: 48 hours/day
    Allow: fresh sashimi & killer sake every day

  7. Barry Welford Says:

    Good one. Of course it only works with User-agents who will take No for an answer.

  8. Geld Lenen Says:

    What does the shirt of the Lame_guy say? :P

  9. Malte Says:

    Lol, that’s great. Really mean would be:

    if (user.CanReadThis()) -> access denied

    Should keep all the nerds away from you.

  10. Colin Says:

    Oh, the irony.

  11. lenen Says:

    Haha!So where can I buy such a t-shirt?

  12. Belmos Says:

    User-Agent: Taxes
    Disallow: /

    Ha Ha, lol.

  13. Einsatz der robots.txt im realen Leben | Homepage | Webdesign Says:

    [...] Quelle: [...]

  14. Web Entwicklung Ostholstein Says:


    cool ;-)

    User-Agent: dirtyboys
    Disallow: /

    Have a nice day!!

  15. Robots.txt - Protecting Since 1994 | 320 zeichen Says:

    [...] - Protecting Since 1994 Erstellt von posterous via [...]

  16. tycoon cashflow Says:

    haha lol at “lame guy”!

  17. Fietsverzekering Says:

    I love the cartoon! I would also like to know where I can buy a T-shirt like that.

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