Newbie Guide to SEO - Where Do I Start?

So, you just got a job in the SEO (search engine optimization) industry!

SEO HelpFirst off, I want to say congratulations. Trust me, once you start SEO, you just can’t stop. You might even find yourself working for an internet marketing company like eVisibility!

Now if you are that green to the industry you are probably wondering “Where the hell do I start?” Trust me; we have all felt that way! But don’t worry - I am going to give you a starting point.

(Warning: After you have finished reading this post and book-marking it as great resource you are on your own!)

SEO News Sites

You have to read every day! If you do not like reading, then I recommend you walk over to your boss right now and say “I quit.” It is important to stay updated on what is going on in the industry, because it is always changing. (The Google Gods get bored and like to play with us like puppets. Don’t worry, you get used to it.)

For the latest new in Search Engine Marketing:

For some great tips on Social Media:

If you refuse to read or can multi-task, then try some Podcasts and Videos:

Chat it up. No question is stupid. It is very important to get active in Forums:

Now you may be wondering, “How the hell am I going to keep track of this all?” Lucky for you, there are RSS Readers:

Seo Tools

SEO Tools

Now that you are up to speed on what is going in the world of search, let’s arm you with some SEO Tools.

First off, download FireFox Internet browser and never open Internet Explorer again.

Then download these plugins:

Spider Test Tool - Great tool that simulates what a search engine spider picks up on your site.

Keyword Research Tool - Very simple and straightforward.

Keyword Trends - Google’s version and MSN’s version

Competitive Research - Compete, Quantcast, SEODigger (Freaken Rocks), SEOmoz Page Strength

Back Link Checker - Check out what anchor text people are using to link to your site.

Keyword Density - Do you have the right amount of keywords on your site?

Duplicate Content - Don’t let Google Bot find duplicate content on your site.

301 checker - Make sure those redirects are true 301 redirects.

Google Data Centers - Check your rankings from various data centers. They could be different.

Quick Snapshot - Collects a large amount of information

Domain Research - Domain Bots, Whois Checker

Site Functionality - Find out what people are clicking on!

MSN Lab center tool kit - Way too much to mention, but useful.

PollDaddy - Need a poll on your website?

Site Maps - Great tool for making sitemaps.

Hopefully this points you in the right directions. Good luck, and most importantly remember to have fun. If you stop having fun then change your career. I recommend becoming an accountant. I hear they have all sorts of fun.

For all of you gurus out there, if I missed anything comment below and I will update the list. (Please keep in mind I wanted to make this as simple as possible).

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16 Responses

  1. Guide to SEO for Newbies | Im Not A Doctor | Internet Marketing SEO Consultant in San Diego Says:

    [...] I just got done writing a quick Guide to SEO for people new to SEO over at eVisibility’s blog title “Newbie Guide to SEO - Where Do I Start?” [...]

  2. Sid Says:

    This looks like a comprehensive SEO guide. Great work.

  3. Matt Ridout Says:

    Great list and like your writing style - good work!

  4. Gyutae Park Says:

    Good stuff. This post has all of the best tools and readings for anyone motivated enough to get started.

  5. Doug Heil Says:

    So you have been at this stuff for as long as I have, or longer, and you are recommending newbies to a place like digitalpoint? You must be joking, right? Have you viewed there lately? Do you really want to send new people off to a place where selling links, pagerank, how to trick se’s, and how to do link exchanges is exactly what is taught there? If you do, you have not learned much in ten years. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

  6. Doug Heil Says:

    oh, and you want to teach new people that keyword density tools and backlink checker tools are what is needed in this industry? Again; you must be joking.

    Where does this industry learn anything from anyway?

  7. Stephen Peron Says:

    @ Doug Heil

    I feel that digital point forum still holds some learning value. Yes, there are people that sell links and are overly obsessed with Page Rank at Digital Point Forum, but if you are to become a well rounded search marketer you need to understand the good and the bad. Also, many of the news sites mentioned in the post reference Digital Point Threads as a point of discussion. More importantly, I would encourage newbies to sign up for an account over at Digital Point Form so they can ask questions and get involved. There are other forums like Cre8asite and Search Engine Watch that are also good, the point is to encourage people to participate and ask questions in industry forums.

    Any of the tools I mentioned in the post help a newbie explore the concepts of search engine optimization. It will help them get started thinking and researching about keyword density and anchor text concepts.

    Overall, the point of post was not to tell a newbie that these are all of the tools you will ever need to have a successful search engine optimization campaign, but more to help guide a newbie into exploring and searching the different topic and strategies of search engine optimization.

  8. my discovery Says:

    a big round of applause to you! This is almost a comprehensive list of SEO dos. For SEO newbies, I can pretty say that this is really a great start!

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    [...] my websurfing this past week, I came across a link to the Newbie Guide to SEO at the Freelancing Journey blog. The Newbie Guide is a great resource, whether you’re getting [...]

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    [...] - Stephen Peron over e-Visibility Blog put together a list of SEO 101 sites, forums, links, tools and more. Here is the low-down! [...]

  13. Jon Says:

    This is almost a comprehensive list of seo dos

  14. jack Says:

    This is completely a comprehensive SEO guide.The article is full of tool guidance which is very informative for the beginners.

  15. Peter Rudd Says:

    This was very interesting & informative, a must read if you’re new to SEO

  16. Mahjong Says:

    Dear I was going around the google and find your site. It contents are reliable and therefore it urge everybody to comment on.

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