Mobile Search Engine Optimization: The Cool Leading the Cool

Search Engine Optimization has hit molbile phones

“What do you mean you don’t have a Smartphone?!” This is the sort of bewildered reaction you are likely to get these days if someone finds out you use your pocket-sized communication device for something called “phone calls,” and not for tagging yourself in photos performing illegal acts. After all, Apple just sold over 2 million more iPhones (pretty cool), and Google claims that their consumers are activating around 160,000 Droid smart phones . . . every-single-day! Now that’s cool.

If you are one of the unlucky souls stuck with an ancient relic, insensitive to the need for real time-updating of Facebook profiles, you, instantly, are very uncool.

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have taken over the cell phone – sorry, cool people, I mean “Smartphone” – market, separating themselves with intuitive and original applications that combine to make their devices more lap top computer than mobile phone. Now you can check email, update social media, dabble in the stock market, book vacations, and play console-quality games, all from your pocket-sized phone—cool! But the versatility of these phones has created an opportunity. Internet marketing agencies, themselves extremely cool, have had to adopt a whole new angle of attack with this influx of smart phones, adapting their methods to be compatible not just with computers, but with phones as well. Suffice to say, the era of mobile SEO is well and truly here.

The power of internet marketing through mobile phones is clear: You are able to get your message through while people are making casual, yet specific searches. A person may be looking for a place to eat on their phone, and if your ad pops up, we’re talking instant impact. They may be looking for a sporting goods store or a plastic surgeon—anything you can imagine—creating opportunities for marketing with each gentle tap of a touch-screen keypad. The Smartphone has allowed for instant searches, at any time, in almost any place. People can act on the tiniest of impulses, or research a great initiative that might otherwise have been forgotten, along with so many other million-dollar bathroom ideas. It is this luxury of instant access, unrestricted connections to the World Wide Web that has opened the eyes of SEO experts across the world. And boy, are they peering hard.

But the road to effective mobile SEO is not easily traveled. In fact, it’s like rush hour, in LA. I could have gone with the Chilean death road analogy, but seeking out effective mobile SEO is much more frustration than danger. Sites require a lot of tinkering and patience to be transformed to a mobile site. A really effective mobile site needs to be optimized for search, display and use on a variety of mobile devices; however, there are some big problems. First off is cost. For many companies, particularly smaller ones, it is just not worth the investment for a mobile site. This is especially true if the company’s niche is unrelated to mobile searches. For instance, why would your local electric company truly need an optimized mobile site? To be cool? It’s simply not worth the money. Even now, with the current boom of the Smartphone, usage is still only a very small percentage of all web searches. Until that changes – which it likely will – companies can do without a mobile site.

Internet marketing agencies, though, have seized upon the potential for further growth in mobile searches and have gotten a jump start. The most powerful techniques being used to bring internet marketing to the smart phone world are through the use of CPA, or cost-per-action offers. CPA is basically a pricing model for online advertising, in which the advertiser pays every time a specific action – a purchase, survey submission, etc – occurs. And CPA offers such as “OfferMobi” present specifically-targeted CPA offers for smart phones, which could become the next biggest advancement in Search Engine Optimization.

In addition to CPA offers, Google’s multi-million dollar purchase of the Admob platform – simply put, AdWords for iPhones – created one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms, which claims to serve more than 7.1 billion mobile banner ads per month across mobile Web sites. Google says that Admob allows for an accurate prediction of the future in this market. NostraGoogle? We’ll find out.

But whether Google can really predict the future or not – it failed to predict that Facebook would surpass it as the most used site in the world – one thing is certain: SEO for mobile devices is presents an enormous opportunity, one that has yet to be fully explored.

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    I find the Google mobile search very weak.

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