Google Press Announcement 9/08/2010 –LiveBlog

This is eVisibility’s liveblog for the Google Announcement on 9/08/2010. Coverage officially starts at 9:30 AM PT.  Please follow this feed as we continue to update prior to the event and during the coverage.

As reported in yesterday’s Google Press Release post, the announcement has been made that there will be an announcement today.  All of the constituents of Google-ville have been left to wonder.  Will it be a major update with real-time search, Google TV, HTML5 or perhaps a curve ball from left field?

9:24 AM Currently the live feed has a repeating video that resembles the takeoff pattern from the Space Mountain at Disneyland.  Maybe this is a foreshadow to the launch of a fiber optic solution for Google TV.   It is wishful thinking as I could certainly use that service.

9:28 AM There was a lot to be said about the interesting Google logo patterns over the last few days.   Some have wondered if this is a clue that HTML 5 will play a major role in the ‘new’ Google.  Then again, it could be just a fanciful way to hearken that a major announcement is imminent.  I joke with coworkers that with the liquidity that Google has, they should buy an island and start a country.   It’s the most profitable endeavor on the grandest scale you could ever partake in.

9:30 AM It looks like we are just about to begin, the feed is working really hard to connect.  If you would like to also listen in you can catch the Google feed at

9:33 AM I’ve just been sent a link by a cohort with a description of a product called ‘Google Instant’ which claims to substantially reduce the time it takes to perform a search.  I hope he didn’t just send me the end of the movie Pelican Brief right as I sat down with my popcorn.

9:38 AM We’re still awaiting the feed from Google, but in the meantime I’ve been picking at the Google Instant demo.  It certainly makes for a speedy retrieval of results.   The issue with reducing the speed of result retrieval maybe that consumers will be further trained to engage the organic listings rather than Paid.  I’m sure that Google has done it’s homework.

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