Google Analytics Anomaly, May 6th

We all love Google Analytics.  It’s the best tool for the best price amongst a handful of other web tracking tools.  As we are a high volume agency; we rely heavily on a daily dose of analytics, reviewing clients data as it pours in.  Sales, Lead, and traffic expectations all hang in the balance as our dedicated project managers await their first login alongside a warm cup of coffee.

Friday, May 7th will go down in history as the day that Ricardo Figueiredo, Jerry Gertes, Fumi Matsubara, Chris Walker, Wael Eldahshan and Saïd Hamaïd collectively spat their coffee all over their respective monitors.

Google Analytics Anomaly

Google Analytics Anomaly

Every analytic account registered 0 activity for May 6th.  We expect that this is a one day anomaly as data began spooling across the board for May 7th.  This isn’t the first time that data has ever dropped and we expect that it may happen from time to time.  With any web based tool you have to come to the expectation that glitches are a real possibility.

Folks that are awaiting reports: Sit tight, we’re working on it.

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9:28 am Analytics, The Lighter Side of eVisibility

3 Responses

  1. imnotadoctor Says:

    At the end of the day people need to remember that this is a free tool.

    Think about how much would you pay for Google Analytics each month?

  2. Cyrus Shepard Says:

    May 6th - Google Analytics Anomaly
    May 6th - Dow Mysteriously Drops 1000 points


  3. Ricardo Figueiredo Says:

    @imnotadoctor Yes it’s free, but it boasts to be the best one out there, and to have Fortune 500 companies all over it (which it does).. So, even though it’s free, many of its users wouldn’t mind paying for some additional reliability I think..

    .. but yes.. It’s free. :)

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