Google Press Conference Event One “You Won’t Want to Miss.”

Google press release to launch on Wednesday

Google is on the brink of announcing one of its biggest advancements in recent years. Trouble is, no one seems to know just what that advancement is.  Speculation has centered around Google’s search algorithm, with some suggesting that the way we search may be changed forever. However, Google has kept its cards very close to its, no doubt, diamond-encrusted chest and has so far been able to keep its big news under wraps.

Search engine optimization, as an entity, is forever evolving. Those smart, athletic, and physically attractive folks who work in the SEO industry recognize that any news from Google is worth paying attention to–after all, Google is essentially their office, employer, and god.  And this news, Google claims, is big.

However, it’s more likely that the announcement - which as been touted by Google as “an event you won’t want to miss”- will be a disappointment and more of a technical tweak than process overhaul. Still, there is enough of a buzz around those involved in the world of search engine optimization to suggest that the news will be worthy of note.  Whether it will have an effect on the structure of internet marketing companies is another question.

Time to speculate then, I think you’ll agree.

Google's new "doodle" a clue on press release details?

Google's new "doodle" a clue on press release details?

Well, there are a few clues as to what Google’s big announcement might be.  First is their latest “doodle” that was released today and features an array of different colored balloons that fly across the screen when you tease them with your cursor.  Some have theorized that this is to with the transmission of the first ever TV tube picture, which occurred on September 7–in 1927.  Another clue might center on the location of the press release–San Francisco’s art museum.  Art, balloons…What does it all mean?

We’ll find out tomorrow, and so will you by keeping track of our live blog.

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The Weekly Insider 05/18

This week’s theme is: Electricity

If your site is conducive to attracting links, you will create sparks!  Fresh, unique content will keep visitors plugging in to you your blog.


5-3-10 to 5-7-10

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Bike to Work Day - eVis Style

At eVisibility, we not only like to face challenges via the Web, but when we see a physical challenge you can bet we’ll find a way to make it fun and interesting. In fact, we are making headlines with our Bike to Work challenge. Erin Cartaya, social media specialist and runner extraordinaire, rode her bike from Pacific Beach into the office. Just over 30 miles , she really takes this biking to work thing seriously!

Fumi Matsubara rode the coattails and joined in the last leg of Erin’s ride, but riding a mountain bike, he managed to ride through every dirt path he could. In viewing the larger picture of this day, George contributed his green efforts by carpooling (unfortunately not by choice, but it counts).

And finally, to top it all off- our very own CEO, Danny DeMichele rode his bike to work. Yes, he pedaled the whole 2.5 miles to work today. Great job! Oh wait, is that an electric bike!? Oh well, we’ll give him an A for effort. Great job everyone for taking part in Bike to Work day!

Here is the official press release: Search Engine Marketing Company eVisibility Takes Part in National Bike to Work Day

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Google Misses the Mark, Can’t Make the Dance…

As Commissioner of the eVisibility office March Madness Pool, I am regrettably here to inform Google that it no longer holds the golden gloves of helping unfortunate souls find their winning streaks It takes more than a voluptuous search trend line to make to the Big Dance they call March Madness. A bracketeer must know the ins and outs of a 5-12 upset, the odds against a 16 seed team going into the tourney facing a number1 seed, and the likelihood of a number 13 seed making it past the sweet 16.

Unbeknownst to Dan Redman, a poor Google Analytics sheep, he overestimated the excitement of this year’s Madness and picked some very outrageous upsets. This year, if you’re going to call it “madness,” a number 1,2, or 3 seed is going to have to lose. I remember when filling out brackets used to be about more than just correctly identifying numbers. This year’s tournament has about as much personality as that new American Idol judge, the girl with no reason for being there. As it turns out, the number one seeds are favored to win, though struggling by, and as much as Google trends would like to predict a pac-10 victory by 75%, it just isn’t going to happen; the overrated Big East seems to want it, despite Jim Calhoun being absent for most of the tournament.

With that said, Google Trends gets a FAIL as Dan is the first to be eliminated with 32 points (save for a possible 4 more points should Arizona take out Louisville). The winner, not much of an improvement as far as effort being put into the bracket, is a solid 22 points ahead of Google (at least Danny was able to find an expert online that made their bracket printable).

ncaa basketball bracket
Click to Enlarge

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Google Picks the NCAA Tournament Winners…maybe

I determined that since I’ve had such poor luck in the past prognosticating the March Madness tournament that I would rely 100% on the omnipresence of Google to come through in the clutch. Using Google Insights for Search

I only advanced a team in my bracket if their respective school had a higher search volume than their opponent.

There are numerous early and late surprises on this completed bracket. In the early rounds; Siena advances by search volume over Ohio State, and Akron defeats Gonzaga in a search shocker.

Google Insight

Overall, the Pac-10 conference is heavily favored, placing 3 of the final four teams.

ncaa basketball bracket
Click the enlarge

Check back as we will be updating the progression of the tournament to see how Google fairs against the rest of the eVisibility office.

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It’s a Guac-Off!

There have been a lot of discussions going back and forth about what the key ingredient is in a good, well-rounded guacamole. Because everyone claims to have their own special one, it only seemed necessary to have an official Guac-off to determine what exactly it takes to make good guacamole.

Guac Off 2008

We had seven amazing entries, some with a bit of citrusy zest, others with a “thunderous” kick to them.


In order to get a fair assessment it was necessary to also have proper palette cleansing. What would go better with guacamole than some south of the border “happy hour” qualifying beverages?

Guac Judges

There were many debates and a lot of projections as to what the outcome might be. But in the end, the winner was clear. Mia had the winning Guac (#3), followed by Steve (#6), who etched out a strong second place finish.

Guac Off 2008 Winner

Congratulations, Mia. Your Guacamole has yet to meet a challenger that can out-do your performance. Beware, though, for the next guac off. There are speculations going around the mainstream office that Danny is already strategizing his future victory.

Learn more about guacamole recipe and our contest management services.

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