Does Not Want Your Money

Well everyone knows that the holiday season is coming upon us, especially if you are an e-commerce merchant, this should be the most important time of the year for you. And if you are an e-commerce merchant and you do not know what the Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) are then you are really behind the curve. I am referring to sites like Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, NexTag, etc. Submitting your products to the CSE is a very profitable business because th traffic that you get from them is highly qualified and usually looking to purchase. And you can get this traffic for a pretty low cost-per-click (CPC).

comparison shopping engines

Of course during the holiday season the CSE increase their minimum CPC rates because there is a higher conversion rate during the holidays. Brian Smith, an industry expert and the man behind and has post noting all of the holiday CPC increases from each CSE (parts 1 and 2). So that makes the holiday season the most profitable time of the year for the CSE.

Well I guess the eBay owned does not want your products or your money. It appears as though they are no longer accepting new merchants into their index.

It just boggles my mind when merchants are not prepared for their busiest times of the year. But for one of the most established and well backed CSE in the world it is just disgusting. They will lose out on so much money this season because of this. Although they have been making many efforts to improve their program lately, this is pretty terrible. Honestly, the traffic from has not been performing too well for the handful of shopping data feeds that I run and submit. And I also hear that they are now requiring a $700 minimum deposit to get started with them, that is ridiculous! I remember last year they could not accept one of the credit cards, can’t remember if it was Visa or MasterCard, but it was a big pain in the but since the merchant I was submitting did not have another card to put it on.

So maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe they are making more strides to improve the quality of their traffic? Or maybe the are all just on holiday? Feel free to leave comments and feedback regarding your experiences with, good, bad, or ugly.

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