Fumi Matsubara, Senior Project Manager

Fumi Matsubara

Fumi Matsubara brings more than a decade of experience working with Internet companies to eVisibility, along with over eight years of dedicated study to online marketing, web site usability and conversion. In addition to consulting with hundreds of clients, Matsubara is widely recognized by his peers for conceptualizing and developing successful online marketing strategies. His passion for search marketing and information technology adds energy to the company and contributes to the success of eVisibility.

Matsubara's entrepreneurial background is well-established, having been a key player in the development of what is now a multi-million dollar company, Z57 Inc. Matsubara contributed to the success of the real estate vertical market for Z57 and helped in the growth of the company, supported a client base of 16,000 subscribers, and maintained a 97% or greater retention rate while averaging 43% yearly revenue growth.

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