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Dan Redman

Mr. Redman has been a marketing professional for 8 years. In 2007 Daniel cofounded the eVisibility media department, quickly building it up to a million dollar revenue channel. As one of the early and continuing pioneers of Emerging Media Marketing, Daniel Redman has managed campaigns for several flagship clients, including Jitterbug and McDonalds. Daniel’s wealth of principle marketing knowledge and experience as a published author in online and trade publications, combined with his educational approach with clients, makes him a dynamic and engaging orator. In 2008, Daniel’s volume in management eclipsed well over 3 billion targeted impressions and over 12,000 manual social media deliverables. In June of 2008, eVisibility; with Daniel at the helm of the media buying, earned ‘Advertiser of the Month’ from the leading sponsored blog network. In 2009 Daniel became eVisibility’s Dual-Director; absorbing the management of the Paid Search department. With an already piping hot pipeline, 2009 is situated to be another year of substantial growth for Dan’s departments. Redman manages a team of 7 enthusiastic and highly skilled teammates. Daniel’s interests are varied and obscure. In his personal time he maintains 10 special interest blogsites, cares for reptiles as his pets, and above-all enjoys telling a great story.

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