About eVisibility

For over 14 years, eVisibility has set the pace in the interactive marketing industry. Recently acquired by global marketing experts LSF Network, Inc, we can now offer even more exceptional value to our clients while continuing the tradition of excellence that the eVisibility brand stands for. We settle for nothing less than high caliber results, and we will not rest until you are satisfied!

Whether your business is in need of search engine optimization, reputation management, pay per click management, online media buying, or web development, eVisibility can create a targeted campaign that can increase traffic, increase brand recognition, and most important, increase sales. Regardless of your business model or vertical, we can work with you to design a customized online marketing solution to get your business seen. And while we value the diversity of our many clients, we have one goal for them all; to develop a strategy that creates a user experience that is second to none. At eVisibility, we don't just market your site - we market your brand and your value to potential customers!

In addition, we work with expert ad agencies that can help you cover traditional marketing avenues in conjunction with your interactive marketing campaign. This gives us the ability to extend our services, allowing for growth across all major marketing channels. And as we are now part of the LSF Network Inc. global family, eVisibility stands to offer even more value to our clients than ever before!

eVisibility Company Snap Shot

Time Doing Business - 14 Years
Number of Worldwide Employees – 100+
Number of Staffed Offices - 6
Number of Clients - 100+
Office Location - Carlsbad, Ca
Minimum Campaign Pricing Level - $2,500 / Month
Minimum Contract Length - 6 month
Setup Fees - $1000 for Paid Search

Guarantees - We recommend you stay very clear from any company who gives guarantees. We only guarantee that you will get the best possible campaign built for YOUR company.
Client Success Rate - 88% - Any Internet marketing company that states they are perfect is lying.
Mission Statement - eVisibility's mission is to connect clients’ biggest online assets with the right online audiences.
What Sets Us Apart - The eVisibility management team has been with the search marketing firm since inception. We not only understand what works its the search engines, but also help you implement it into your infrastructure. We are one of a few companies with in-house copywriters to develop content for your business.
Clients We Have Worked With - McDonalds, Hurley International, Fidelity Trust, PALA Casino, Jitterbug, Nicole Miller, Lamps Plus, Wells Fargo, LEI Financial, NavySeals.com, US Navy, Prudential, Shop Rate, Music.com and hundreds more.
Number of total top 10 placements for our clients currently: 300,000+
Giving Back - eVisibility offers development and marketing packages for nonprofit organizations at no cost. Several projects include: Lyons Foundation, Healing Notes and Prudential.
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